Monday, June 27, 2011

Panpolo (Neeru dose)

This is one of the popular breakfast in South Canara region. I have asked my Non - Konkani friend as to how they make neeru dose. The only difference between the Konkani and Non - Konkani neeru dose is Coconut. They don’t use coconut hence it comes crispier than what we do. South Canara people use so much of coconut that it’s very hard to find a dish without coconut in it.
Coming back to Neeru doseNeeru means water in Kannada. The consistency of the batter of this dosa is very watery unlike other dosas, hence this name. This dosa becomes tastier if is made in a Cast iron tawa. Even non stick pan works well but cast iron tawa is preferred. This dosa is very easy till the preparation of the batter. You are going to have a hard time if the batter becomes too watery or if you add more coconut. Other problems faced (if cast iron tawa is used) are – the dosa will stick to tawa if the temperature becomes too high or too low. It should be optimum. If the tawa is new, then it has to be seasoned well for a month and then it has to be used. I will tell you the traditional way of seasoning the tawa in the next post. Not to forget to apply some oil on the surface of tawa after each dosa. If all these things are taken care, then making “Panpolo” is fun :-)

You needn’t plan in advance to make this dosa batter because it doesn’t require any fermentation. Now let’s see how to make Panpolo or Neeru dose.

  • White Rice (raw) - 1 1/2 cups 
  • Grated coconut - 1/2 cup 
  • Salt- To taste

Soak the rice for two hours. Then grind it along with coconut and salt. Add little water. Make it a fine paste. Transfer it into a bowl and water (around 1 cup). Mix it. The batter should be watery. Don’t add too much water in the beginning itself. Make one dosa and if you feel it is thick then add little more water. You will get an idea as you make it.

After the tawa gets heated, apply oil on the surface and pour the batter on the tawa till it covers the surface. Don't worry if the whole surface of tawa is not covered. 

Close it with lid and leave for a minute. Panpolo is ready!

Dosa can be served with any spicy curry or chutney of your choice. A good combination would be panpolo and batate song. I love to have this with losne chutney (garlic chutney). My father likes it with home made butter. Another traditional combination is to have it with Choornu (mixing coconut + jaggery + cardamom). Some people like to have it with honey, pickle…. In this way there are many combinations.

Note: Above measurement is for serving 3-4 people. I have also heard other versions of Neeru dose.
  1. Rice+salt 
  2. Rice+ coconut+salt. Temper the batter with oil+ mustard+ cumin/ jeera. Also add cilantro/coriander leaves. 
  3. Rice+ coconut+ dry red chillies+ salt. Add chopped onions. 
You can try these versions and have fun :)

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