Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kokum Juice (Using Dried Peel)

Kokum Juice is a simple, healthy drink. Kokum Fruit (Birinda in Konkani) is commonly found in the western ghat region of India. It is a seasonal fruit and has a taste which is a mixture of sweet and tartness. These fruits are available in summer. People use the pulp  to make juice and then save the outer skin. The skin is then sun dried for many days and stored in an air tight container for year- long use. The dried skin is used to make saaru (Indian soup). The skin is also used as a tamarind substitute.

Kokum fruit has a cooling effect on our body. Hence it is good to have Kokum juice during summer time. Do give this a try if you can find the dried peel. 

  • Dried Kokum Peel- 8-9 pieces
  • Water- 2 cups
  • Jaggery/ Sugar- To taste


Dried Kokum Peel looks like this-

Now wash the dried peel and then add it in a pot containing water. Turn on the heat.

Let this mixture boil for 7-9 minutes until all the flavor and juices of the kokum is transferred to the water. Then turn off the heat and add jaagery/ sugar at this point. Mix well.

Then discard the kokum peel. Kokum juice is ready!!

Serve it warm or cold. Above measurement serves two people.


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