Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ponsa Polo (Ripe Jackfruit Dosa)

Ponsa Polo is a very simple breakfast. In Konkani, Ponosu means ripe jackfruit and polo means dosa (crepes). I got this recipe from my mother. This is my favorite dosa and it had been ages since I had this. This is my first try in making it and the first bite was the tastiest one:-)

Jackfruit is abundantly available in Coastal Karnataka during summer. Generally we make dosas, idli, fritters, stir fry etc and have it for breakfast, lunch and evening snack. Jackfruit is a tasty fruit. The only thing which worries me about it- is cleaning. Recently we found fresh jackfruit in a Chinese store and hence picked it up and decided to make this and it turned out perfect. Thanks to my mother for the perfect measurements :-)

  • Rice- 1 cup
  • Ripe Jackfruit, chopped- 1 cup
  • Jaggery*- To taste
  • Cardamom pods- 2
  • Grated Coconut- 2 Tbsp
  • Salt- A pinch
*The amount of jaggery required completely depends on how sweet the jackfruit is and how much more sweet you want. The jackfruit I used was mildly sweet. I like my dosas very sweet. Hence added more jaggery (nearly 1/3 cup). 


Wash and soak the rice for 1-2 hours. 
Remove the jackfruit pods and discard the seeds.

Then give a rough chop.

Now drain the water in which the rice was soaked. Transfer the rice along with chopped jackfruit, jaggery, cardamom pods and salt (you can also add the grated coconut too but I like to add to the batter to give it a nice texture).

Then grind it without adding water to get a fine paste. At this point taste the batter to check for its sweetness. If desired add more and grind it further.

Now transfer this paste to a bowl and add grated coconut and mix well. Add water in small quantities to get a thick batter but of pouring consistency (the batter has to be used immediately. If not, refrigerate it).

Now heat a griddle (tawa) on a medium flame. When hot pour a ladel full of batter and spread it slightly (these dosas are generally thick and soft and they need to be cooked on a gentle heat. The dosa will burn on a high heat as it has jaggery in it).

Once the lower part of the dosa turns golden- brown, flip it. 

Wait till it gets golden- brown spots on the second side. Once done transfer it to a plate.
Ponsa Polo is ready!!

Serve it immediately with generous drizzle of ghee. Above measurement serves 2-3 people.


  1. That's a very interesting dish with jackfruit. Looks and sounds delicious.

    1. Thanks Pavani. Do try it if you can lay your hands on Jackfruit.

  2. That polo looks yummy. Maka kawoonk aasha zathasa:)

  3. Tried the recipe.. Dosa turned out really good. Thanks Lakshmi