Monday, July 8, 2013

Lemonade Using Coconut Water

Lemonade Using Coconut Water is a simple summer drink. I got this recipe from a food group (posted by Nandini). This is a totally new recipe to me but my husband told that he had tasted it couple of times. Hence got a Thai coconut to try this recipe. The coconut water was good but not as tasty as the one we get in India. We had a hard time opening it too:-) At the end it was a good cool drink for us, on a hot summer day. Do try this variation and it tastes so much different from the usual lemonade.


  • Tender Coconut, big sized- 1
  • Lemon- 1/2 (or as desired)
  • Sugar- To taste
  • Ice cubes- As required


Cut open the tender coconut (I used Thai coconut) and collect the water in a bowl.

Now squeeze in the lemon juice and sugar. Mix well. Add ice cubes and garnish with coconut meat. Lemonade is ready!!

Serve it immediately. Above measurement serves two people.