Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sabudana Ladoo (Tapioca Pearl Ladoo)

Sabudana Ladoo is a recently learnt sweet dish. I was totally taken by surprise when I saw this recipe in a food group posted by Rajni Kamath. I have tried  making pudding, idli, dosa but never knew that we can make ladoo using sago pearls. Hence noted down the recipe and tried it. It turned out very good. The recipe requires few ingredients and the procedure is also very simple. Binding the ladoos may be little tricky but not difficult. Try making this sometime soon and enjoy!!


  • Sabudana/ Tapioca Pearls- 1 cup
  • Sugar- 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom pods- 3
  • Melted Ghee (clarified butter)- 5-6 Tbsp


Dry roast the sabudana on low heat for 15 minutes. Allow it to cool.

Then take the dry roasted sabudana in a blender and grind it to get a fine powder. Then transfer it to a bowl. Now in the same blender add sugar and cardamom seeds. Grind it to get a fine powder.

Now mix the sugar and sabudana powder. Then slowly add in the ghee to the mixture and incorporate well. Now take fistful of the mixture and bind it well using your fingers, so as to make it round shaped (If you have hard time binding it then, add more ghee).

Continue making more ladoos until the mixture gets used up. Saudana Ladoo is ready!!

Serve it immediately or store in an air tight container for future use. Above measurement makes 12 good sized ladoos.


  1. This is really yumm:) Tried it and every one at home loved this :)

  2. Try adding dried coconut to it and if binding is difficult , add milk ( sprinkle it ) and bind . It is very easy to bind laddoos with milk .

    1. Thanks for your suggestion Jaya. Wil try when I make it next time :-)