Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gobi Pepper Fry

Gobi Pepper Fry is an awesome deep fried cauliflower dish. I ate this yummy dish at a Dhaba in my India trip last year. This was my husband's favorite dish during his college days. He asked me to recreate it at home and hence I tried my hands on it. It turned out pretty good with an awesome flavor induced by peppercorns. Cauliflower is one vegetable I enjoy deep fried. In this recipe the cauliflower florets are dipped in batter and then deep fried until crispy. It is then tossed in fried onion and garlic mixture along with soy sauce and freshly ground peppercorns. 

Do try making this and enjoy.

  • Cauliflower Florets, small sized - 2 cups, heaping
  • Oil - 3 tsp + for deep frying
  • Garlic pods, big sized - 4-5
  • Onion, medium sized- 1/2
  • Whole Peppercorns - 1 tsp (adjust accordingly)
  • Soy sauce- 1 Tbsp
  • Sugar - 1/2 tsp
  • Salt- To taste
For Batter:
  • All Purpose Flour (Maida)- 1/4 cup
  • Corn Flour- 1/4 cup
  • Ginger- Garlic paste, freshly made - 1- 1 1/2 tsp
  • Salt- To taste


Wash the cauliflower and pat it dry. Then cut it into small florets.

Chop the onion and garlic. Set it aside.

Then prepare the batter. Take all purpose flour, corn flour, ginger- garlic paste and salt in a mixing bowl. Add water in small amounts to make a thick batter.
Meanwhile keep the oil for heating on medium- high heat.
While the oil is getting heated, add the cauliflower florets into the batter and mix it gently until all the pieces get a uniform coating. 

Now deep fry these battered pieces in batches until it turns golden brown on both sides. Once done drain them on a paper towel to drain excess oil. 

Continue deep frying with the rest of the cauliflower florets.
Then take a wide bottomed pan and heat oil in it. Then add garlic slices and chopped onions. Start frying it on medium flame. Sprinkle little salt at this point.

Once the onion turns slight brown, add the soy sauce and mix well.

Then finally add in sugar, freshly ground peppercorns and deep fried cauliflower florets. Mix well until everything comes together. Then turn off the heat.

Gobi Pepper Fry is ready!

Serve it hot as it is or along with noodles or fried rice. Above measurement serves two people.

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