Friday, October 7, 2011

Doddak (Dosa using idli batter)

Doddak is a very thick dosa made using idli batter. This dosa is also called Bubbusa (my husband calls it so. Even I laughed for a while, since it was new to me too). Now don't ask me what does that mean? Even I don't know! 
This dosa comes to your rescue when you have prepared a big batch of idli batter (especially working women), still you don't want to have idlis the next day!:-) Store a portion of the idli batter in your fridge and make excellent dosas, the next day. This dosa is slightly different from other dosas. So, "What makes it different?". Its because it has a seasoning! Yes you read it right. So what are you waiting for? Try them as soon as possible.

  • Idli Batter- Left over
  • Oil- As required
  • Mustard seeds- As required

The consistency of the batter should be same as that of the idli batter.

Now if the pan is hot enough, then spread a tea spoon of oil on it and sprinkle 1/2-1 tsp of mustard seeds on oil. When the mustard starts spluttering, pour a ladel (or little more than that) full of batter and start spreading it in circular motion (usually this dosa is made very thick. If you prefer thin crispy dosas then reduce the amount of batter for each dosa accordingly).

Let the base of the dosa fry until it turns golden brown. The dosa has to cook on a medium heat. Once the dosa is done on one side then flip it , to cook the other side.

See how pretty it looks with the mustard seeds (to increase the taste of the dosa, you can also add little butter while making it..if you are not diet conscious..:-)). Now if the other side has turned golden brown then Doddak is ready!!

Serve it hot with chutney or any curry of your choice.

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