Monday, September 17, 2012

Losne Chutney Pitti (Garlic Chutney Powder)

Losne Chutney Pitti is a very popular dry chutney powder. In Konkani, losunu means garlic and pitti means powder. I got this recipe from my mother.

Garlic chutney powder is my favorite. My mother makes this regularly. I love this so much that I can eat it just with plain rice. This chutney powder is very simple and can be made within half an hour. Since dry coconut is used, this chutney powder lasts at least for a month.

  • Dry Coconut/ Kopra/ Kobri- 200g
  • Dry Red Chilli (Byadagi variety)- 14-15
  • Garlic Pods- 14-15
  • Tamarind- Small lemon sized
  • Oil- 1 tsp
  • Salt- To taste


If you are using a whole dry coconut, then grate it. You can as well cut it down into thin slices (I bought the store bought sliced dry coconut).

Now dry roast the grated/ sliced dry coconut, until it turns slight brown and a nice aroma is got (fry it on a medium flame, if using sliced dry coconut and a low flame, if using grated dry coconut). Once done, transfer it to a plate for cooling.

In the same pan, add few drops of oil and fry the dry red chilli for couple of minutes and then transfer it to a plate for cooling.
Again in the same pan, add oil and fry the garlic pods, until they turn golden brown and then transfer it to a plate for cooling.

Now grind together the roasted dry coconut, red chilli, garlic pods, tamarind and salt until you get a coarse powder. Transfer it into a air tight container. Losne Chutney Pitti is ready!!

Serve it with rice, idli, dosa or chapathi. This chutney powder stays good up to a month.

Note: See that all the utensils you use while making this chutney powder, should be absolutely dry. Little moisture will surely decrease the shelf life of the chutney powder.


  1. my favorite one... my friend's mom gave for us when we were in hostel...

  2. Nice. Do u know the wet variety one. One with coconut instead of dry Coco nut..was looking for that receipe

    1. Hi Swathi, I have posted the recipe for the wet one too. Here is the recipe -

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  3. Or if you Google ' Losne Chutney'y recipe will pop up :) thanks for visiting.