Thursday, May 7, 2020

Video: Dahi Sev Puri | Chaat Recipes

Chaat is a very popular street food in India. I have been making it for years and this is the version we like. I have used store bought puris and sev. It saves a lot of time. I always make a big batch of sweet chutney and mint chutney. Sweet chutney keeps well for few months in the refrigerator. I freeze the mint chutney by popping them in ice cube trays. I hope you enjoy making this. Please leave me a comment if you tried making it or have any questions.
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Ingredients: Puri - 40-50 Dried green peas - 1 cup Potato (small sized) - 4 Onion (small sized) - 1 Cilantro - 7-8 sprigs Mint Chutney - As required Sweet chutney - As required Yogurt - 1 cup + 1 tsp sugar Fine Sev - As required Red chilli powder Roasted Cumin powder Chaat Masala Recipe for Green Chutney - Recipe for Sweet chutney -

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