Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ukde Shevai (Boiled Rice Noodles)

Shevai is one of the delicacies of the Konkani people. Home made rice noodles is such a treat! Its very hard to find people who don't like this. These noodles are commonly made in Coastal Karnataka and Kerala. Generally this dish calls for coconut. But I have used boiled rice (red rice). This rice gives a unique taste as well as softness. Try making this dish and I am sure you will love it.
I have posted each and every step along with pictures. Hope it helps you and makes it easier to do. Happy Cooking!


Soak boiled rice in water for 6-8 hours.

Grind the soaked rice to get a smooth paste, adding water as required. Transfer this paste to a greased heavy bottomed kadai (non-stick pan works best).

Now add salt as required and start heating (on medium flame) the rice paste. Keep stirring the mixture continuously. After few minutes, the mixture slowly starts thickening. See how it looks-

Keep stirring continuously in the same way, until it thickens completely and forms a solid mass. At the end, it looks like this.

Turn off the flame. Now take a bowl containing cold water. Dip both the hands and take a portion of the mixture and make them into oval shaped. (this step has to be done when the mixture is hot enough. As the mixture cools, it starts hardening)

Repeat the above step for the remaining mixture (I divided the whole mixture into five portions). Now steam these oval shaped balls for 15 minutes.

Half of the job is done:-) Now the next step would be to grease the mould in which we are going to make the noodles. I used this-

The traditional ones are more convenient but can be managed using this. The bottom part of the mould looks like this-

The holes are scattered and the noodles we get will not be dense. It is preferred to have more number of holes. Now put the oval shaped rice dumpling in this greased mould (rice dumpling has to be very hot. As it cools, it hardens and becomes difficult to make the noodles).

Now close it and start making noodles.

Ukde Shevai is ready!! (I made one Shevai from each rice dumpling. You can also make two out of each rice dumpling. Its a personal choice)

Serve it hot with Generous amount of coconut oil and Tingalavre randayi (White beans curry). It can also be eaten with pickle or just noodles and coconut oil. Its heaven! Try it once and enjoy the goodness of fresh rice noodles.


  1. Thanks for posting. Do you have video of any of the process? I think its easier to follow with a video

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Will try to make a video and post it soon:-)