Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Celebrating 150th Post with Guliye Kheeri (Rice Bits Payasam)

Guliye Kheeri is a very old recipe and very few people know this payasam. In konkani, guli means small bits and kheeri is nothing but pudding. Guliye Kheeri is a jaggery based payasam and has a very different method of making it. This recipe is very special to me and hence thought of posting it as my 150th post!

I have been wanting to post this since a very long time. The only drawback was taking the pictures. Making and clicking the photos all by myself was a difficult thing. Hence requested my mother to make this, during my recent visit. Making this payasam is fun and also demands lot of time. But the time spent in making it is worth.
I have tried to include the photo of each main step, so that it helps the beginners. Give it a try sometime and enjoy!

  • White rice- 3/4 cup
  • Red rice/Kerala Matta rice- 1/4 cup
  • Water- 4 1/2 cups
  • Jaggery- 3/4- 1 cup (adjust accordingly)
  • Coconut Milk- 2 cups
  • Cardamom Powder- 1 tsp
  • Salt- To taste 


Wash and soak both the rice for 6-8 hours. Then grind it to a fine paste, with water as required (use as less as possible). Add salt, to taste.

The consistency of the batter should be thick but of  (slow) dropping consistency, as shown below.

Now start heating water in a big container (preferably a non stick one). You will also need a flat ladel with holes in it (ladel used for deep frying).

Once the water is hot enough, pour 2-3 spoonful of batter on the ladel, as shown below.

The consistency of the batter should be such that it should not fall through the holes, as soon as it is put on the ladel (if it falls, then its a sign that the batter is not thick enough to form the bits).

Now place this ladel with batter over the container containing hot water and slowly start rubbing the batter against the holes. The batter starts falling through the holes, forming small bits of the paste and  as soon as it falls in hot water, it gets cooked to to form rice bits, as shown below (the heat should be medium)

Another view of the rice bits in hot water.

Continue the process until the rice paste gets over. Keep stirring in between (It has to be stirred continuously, if the container used is not a non stick cookware). After everything gets done, the mixture looks like this.

Take a closer view of the cooked rice bits.

Now add jaggery and mix well until it melts completely.

Once it comes to a boil, turn off the heat. The cooked rice bits in jaggery looks like this.

Now add the coconut milk  to the hot mixture and mix well (my mother always prefers not to boil the coconut milk. But you can also heat the payasam, after the addition of coconut milk). Add cardamom powder.

Guliye Kheeri is ready!!

Serve it hot/cold. Above measurement serves 4-5 people.


  1. Congratulations for the 150th post. This recipe looks yummy.

  2. Thanks a lot Vinita. Do try making it..

  3. Congrats on your 150th post. The guliye payasam looks awesome.

  4. awesome...never heard of this kheeri...it looks yummy though. You have really nice blog

    BTW, what mixer/grinder do u use to grind all your coconut masalas abroad?

  5. Thank you so much Roopa for your compliments. I use Preethi mixer.

  6. Congrats on 150th post..
    yu have a beautiful space, nice recipes. Happy to follow you:)

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  8. Thank you so much Nayana. Glad that you liked my space. Try making it as well. You have a great space too:-)

  9. appreciate the way u take pains to show each step. have been searching for this kheer for a long time. thanks a lot.

  10. thanks for the payasam recipe. been searching for a lonf time. also appreciate the pain u take to show each step

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  12. Thanks a lot Suhasini for the kind words. I would be more happy if you try and give the feed back:-)