Monday, April 15, 2013

Khotto ( Idli Batter Steamed in Jackfruit Leaves Basket) ~ With A Video!!

Khotto is a very popular breakfast in the coastal region of Karnataka. The speciality of this breakfast is the idli batter is steamed in a jackfruit leaf basket. The leaves makes the idli more special. This breakfast is commonly made for every festival and the art of making basket is little difficult. But it can be mastered with practice. Do give it a try if you get a chance to lay your hands on the jackfruit leaves. 

I am thankful to my brother for recording the video and my mother, for showing the method. The pictures were clicked by me, during my last visit to India.

Ingredients For making the Basket:
  • Fresh Jackfruit leaves- As required
  • Broomstick pieces/ Tooth pick pieces*- As required
* Even the dried stick of the curry leaves can be used to make the basket.


Wash the jackfruit leaves and pat dry using a cloth. Each basket requires four leaves. It is better if the leaves are of the same size.

Once the leaves are ready, then start weaving them. 
Take two leaves and arrange it like this-

Then using the stick lock them together.

Then attach the the third leaf as shown below.

Then finally the fourth leaf.

Click on the video to see how it is made into a basket.

This is the ready jackfruit basket (care should be taken while making the basket. There shouldn't be any holes at the bottom. Any small hole can lead to the leak of the batter and make a mess in the steamer).

Once the basket is ready pour the idli batter half way through. 

Click on the video to see.

Then steam them in a steamer for 25- 30 minutes or until a tooth pick inserted in it comes out clean.

Once done, allow it to cool for 5-10 minutes. Then remove the jackfruit leaves and serve the idlis with chutney or sambhar.


  1. oh wow!! thank you sooooo much for showing how to do this!!! i have always always wanted to know :)

  2. I love pure and natural ingrediant recipes. Let more of this kind of recipes appear. Well presented.

  3. it can be made as regular idilis in the absence of the leaves right?